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January 4, 2016

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On Monday, January 4, 2016, Ryan Kennedy announced his candidacy for Circuit Judge in Harrison County.  “I am running for Circuit Judge because I feel that it is a way I can more greatly serve the citizens of Harrison County, especially the children.”  Mr. Kennedy said.  

“I have spent many years representing abused and neglected children, helping them to have safe, healthy childhoods,” he said.  “Unfortunately, most of what a Circuit Judge does today is abuse and neglect cases and so with Judge Marks’ retirement we need someone who also has the experience to handle these important cases which are sometimes life and death cases for children,” he explained. 

Mr. Kennedy also talked about his volunteer work with Harrison County’s Juvenile Drug Court, where he has been part of a team turning youth away from drugs with an over 90% success rate for those who complete the program.  “Helping children is a passion of mine, whether it is to escape from abuse or from drugs,” he said. 

Mr. Kennedy also indicated that he has years of experience in civil cases and criminal cases, which are two of the other things that Circuit Judges do on a regular basis.  “I’ve handled lots of different kinds of civil cases including personal injuries, employment disputes, construction cases, and land disputes,” he stated.  He also pointed out that he has  experience in criminal cases, including serving on a panel of four attorneys from West Virginia that the Fourth Circuit appoints to criminal appeals when the trial attorney cannot continue for some reason.    

“As a member of Clarksburg City Council, I have stood on principle while also showing an ability to listen to all sides of an issue,” he added. 

“In short,” Mr. Kennedy stated, “I believe I have the experience to handle the various tasks I would need to perform if I was a Circuit Judge as well as the character to treat everyone who comes before me fairly and honestly.” 

“If I am elected in May, I look forward to continuing my public service in a way which can greatly improve the lives of the citizens of Harrison County, especially the children.” 

Ryan Kennedy spent his entire childhood in Clarksburg, graduating from Washington Irving High School and received both his bachelors’ degree and law degree from West Virginia University.  He also served in the United States Army in South Korea, Missouri, and here in West Virginia.  

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